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aircraft paint protection
Aviation // September 28, 2023

Comprehensive Guide To Aircraft Paint Protection

Aircraft are extremely costly investments that require meticulous care and maintenance. Maintaining their appearance with Permagard is key to helping retain their value. The type of…

Kodiak plane receives permagard aircraft paint protection
Aviation // September 25, 2023

Permagard’s Aircraft Paint Protection Now Shields the Kodiak 100 3.0

Remarkable Synergy Michael Cooper has done it again. He recently Permagarded another Daher Kodiak 100, granting it an initial application and welcoming it to the Permagard…

Kodiak plane with Permagard
Aviation // August 25, 2023

Permagard’s Advanced Protective Coatings Transform Kodiak 100 Aircraft

Exploring the Benefits of Advanced Protective Coatings in Aviation Michael Cooper, who operates as Dirty Bird Detailing in Idaho, has skillfully applied Permagard’s advanced protective coatings…

Aviation // January 28, 2020

Early Morning Shine

How do you clean a Permagard treated aircraft? Fly It! ” Here’s *** at o’dark thirty this AM in Las Palmos, Canary Islands, on our way…

gray airplane at permagard
Aviation // January 28, 2020

European Elegance

The striking livery on this GB6000 received the ultimate finishing touch this week with a Permagard application by Certified Applicator, Fly N Shine France. The results,…

Permagard fleet.
Aviation // September 25, 2019

The Fleet of PERMAGARD

Trusted with aviation professionals worldwide, PERMAGARD holds the reputation of premier paint protector. Our most recent PERMAGARD Aviation Application was with Redhead Equipment located in Saskatoon…

Aviation - Permagard
Aviation // May 31, 2019

Why Aviation Enthusiasts Choose PERMAGARD

Why Aviation Enthusiasts Choose Permagard PERMAGARD’s Polymer coating creates a glossy protective finish that has been recognized throughout the aircraft industry as the premier paint sealant….

Aviation // May 22, 2019

PERMAGARD- Unrivaled Durability

PERMAGARD: Unrivaled Durability At PERMAGARD, we create products that solidify the PERMAGARD standard. For over twenty years, our high performance, environmentally safe coatings have generated a…

aircraft paint protection
Aviation // April 23, 2019

2019 Starts With A Bang!

Permagard hit the ground running in the first quarter of 2019. Participating in NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers, the Viking Yachts VIP Show, the NBAA Palm Beach…