25 Year Anniversary

We are thrilled to announce that this year marks our 25th anniversary in business. This significant milestone showcases Permagard’s commitment to longevity and success. For a quarter of a century, I have personally manufactured all of our high-quality PERMAGARD coatings that have been shipped around the world coating over 35 billion dollars worth of transport assets.

At Permagard, we take great pride in producing all our products in Miami, Florida, under the strictest ISO 9001 Quality standards. Unlike our competitors who source their products from China, we will only manufacture our products locally for superior quality.

Visit our showroom and witness the remarkable durability of Permagard coatings. Our 25-year-old Porsches look as stunning as the day they were Permagarded, rivaling the appearance of brand-new vehicles. This longevity is a testament to the exceptional performance and protection our products provide.

Permagard has always been an exclusive offering, installed solely by certified applicators who undergo rigorous training at our Miami-based facility. We prioritize quality over quantity, which is why you won’t find our products available on Amazon or through unauthorized channels.

As proud Miami manufacturers, we are dedicated to preserving the original specifications of your paint. With Permagard, you can safeguard your paint without compromising its integrity.

Choose the brand with the longest-standing reputation in the industry. Trust Permagard for unparalleled paint protection.