Why Aviation Enthusiasts Choose PERMAGARD

Why Aviation Enthusiasts Choose PERMAGARD

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Why Aviation Enthusiasts Choose Permagard

PERMAGARD’s Polymer coating creates a glossy protective finish that has been recognized throughout the aircraft industry as the premier paint sealant. Our proprietary molecular bonding formula provides a mirror like shine and resists against:

– Fading

– Engine Exhaust

– Extreme Temperature

– UV Rays

-Industrial Fallout

– Rust

– Oxidation

Not only does PERMAGARD create an outstanding shine performance and protection, it improves performance by reducing plastic drag and conforms to most OEM standards as well as Boeing and Airbus specifications. Permagard products, once applied to painted and composite surfaces are proven to withhold the test of time with outstanding shine. For over 21 years, the PERMAGARD products and process have left aircraft owners in fill satisfaction, creating the PERMAGARD quality that holds no competition.

No One Outshines PERMAGARD.

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