Founded in 1998 in Mougins, France, Permagard has emerged as the leading provider of high-performance coatings. Our cutting-edge coatings, developed with advanced technology from the aviation industry, not only reduce drag but also deliver a long-lasting shine.

At Permagard, we understand that earning the trust of aircraft owners and operators requires more than just a superior product. It demands unwavering commitment to performance and precision. As a result, our aviation division has successfully managed over $35 billion in aerospace assets, safeguarding their exteriors from the most challenging operational conditions while enhancing flight efficiency.

To further bolster our expertise, we have assembled a team of highly skilled senior-level leaders from the automotive industry. These individuals bring invaluable firsthand knowledge of the operational challenges faced by dealerships, panel shops, and franchises when working with our automotive clients. It is this experience that sets us apart, as we go beyond mere vehicle enhancement. Renowned high-performance brands like Porsche choose PERMAGARD not only for our commitment to beautifying their cars but also for our reputation in helping dealerships save money through our top-notch and reliable services.

Beyond land and sky, PERMAGARD’s influence extends to the sea. Our marine division operates at the retail level, supplying specialized and superior products to renowned brands such as Viking Yachts, Sunseeker, Princess, and Ferretti.

Whether it’s on the ocean, in the sky, or on land, PERMAGARD offers the ultimate long-term protection solution. If it’s protected by PERMAGARD, it’s protected for life.