Permagardian Veteran Spotlight: Thomas G. Thomassen

Permagardian Veteran Spotlight: Thomas G. Thomassen

Permagard aviation paint protection.

Thomas Thomassen: Master of Aviation Paint Protection

Thomas Thomassen has been a well-known name in the Permagard atmosphere since Luc d’Argencé founded the company over 25 years ago. He started his detailing business utilizing Permagard in Norway and has since traveled across the world providing aviation paint protection by Permagarding high-value assets for countless individuals. If you have seen our past gallery photos, Thomas will be a familiar face. He worked directly with Luc in the early years of Permagard, and he has still maintained his passion for Permagard over two decades later.

Over 25 Years of Excellence with Permagard

“It’s not easy to fill in over 25 years of working with Permagard and Luc”, said Thomas. “I will say there is no comparison. After working so closely with all the major markets and exploring many more over the years, there is literally nothing out there, back then or today, that even comes close to all of the significant parameters for a coating product. And it’s not just about the product but about the system of products as a whole. Luc has developed a system of durability, reliability, and affordability.”

We could not agree more with Thomas. Permagard was built to be a system of reliability for all detailers. Providing top-quality products with zero defects is paramount for the success of our business as well as our customers. With proper care and maintenance, Permagard can withstand the test of time on any painted surface.

Thomas G. Thomassen Permagarding a yacht 15 years ago.
Thomas G. Thomassen Permagarding a vehicle 20 years ago.

Thomas’s Expertise with Cessna Centurions

The two Cessna Centurions featured in this article were done by none other than Thomas himself. He took both of these aircraft and revived them both to look better than brand new. The most remarkable part of it all is that both of these aircraft are over 45 years old. That is what is so excellent about Permagard’s aviation paint protection and why it is an essential offering for aircraft detailers. No other competitive product can produce such an exquisite wet-look finish on a vintage aircraft. That is why Permagard Aviation shines like the sun in the sky.

Lifetime Paint Protection with Permagard

Whether it’s a 40-year-old Cessna Centurion or a 40-year-old Porsche 911, Permagard can protect their paint for a lifetime. Permagard excels at reviving older paint through its cross-linking technology. Once the paint has been properly prepped, Permagard can be applied to any painted surface, no matter the age, to bring a luster like no other. Aircraft detailers, like Thomas, can provide incredible results for their customers through the art of working with Permagard.

“So many wonderful comments from owners over the years that it’s just contagious to get hooked with the Permagard system!”, said Thomas. “My expectations are always extremely high, and I expect that anyone applying Permagard should have the same expectations.” He concluded, “I could fill up an email with so many unbelievable projects and work over the many years, but what counts here is what Permagard stands for, and that is, a great protective coating that has the quality and potential for so much more.”

The Best Choice for Aviation Paint Protection

Permagard Aviation is the only aviation paint protection coating available that protects 100% of your aircraft’s original paint specifications. With approvals from some of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world, such as Dassault Aviation, Embraer, Gulfstream, and Textron Aviation, Permagard is the best aircraft paint protection solution available on the market today. Also, Thomas has done quite a bit of work with Permagard in the military sector in the past. The Norwegian Armed Forces asked him to Permagard several of their assets operating in the harsh environment of the Northern Artic Circle. As you can see, even military forces can benefit from the addition of Permagard on their assets! Adding Permagard to your aircraft detailing business’s arsenal is an excellent choice for repeating satisfied customers. Take it from a Permagardian veteran, like Thomas. We are so thrilled to have Thomas representing the Permagard brand for so long and we look forward to many more exciting years of working with him to bring Permagard’s shine to the aviation, automotive, and marine industries. Thomas Thomassen is also the only Permagardian in the world that is certified to install Permagard in all three industry sectors. He’s a true master of his craft!

Elevate Your Detailing Business With Permagard

If you would like to learn more about how Permagard can help your detailing business soar to new heights, give our Permagard Headquarters a call today at 305-662-5070 for more information. Permagard Aviation is the solution to your aircraft paint protection problem. It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand!