Flying High: Revealing The Production Figures Of Leading Aircraft Manufacturers

Flying High: Revealing The Production Figures Of Leading Aircraft Manufacturers

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The aviation industry is a clear leader when it comes to technological innovation and achievement. These accomplishments are due to the aircraft manufacturers that have shaped the ways we travel. In this article, we’ll unpack the production figures of the world’s top aircraft manufacturers, while showcasing the immense capability and impact that these aviation giants are having on the global stage.


Boeing: An American Aerospace Leader

This aviation giant has been a commercial aerospace industry leader for nearly a century. Boeing continues to stand out as one of the global leading aircraft manufacturers. They have some very impressive production figures on some of their key commercial models.

The 787 Dreamliner

The 787 Dreamliner is one of Boeing’s most successful aircraft. As of November 2023, Boeing took 1,843 orders, with 1,099 deliveries already made. They also planned to increase the production of the 787 to 5 aircraft per month by the end of 2023, and then subsequently to 10 aircraft per month by 2025 or 2026. The 787 is an elegantly designed commercial jetliner, and the sales figures show a robust demand for this aircraft. Its high aspect ratio wing design with its raked wing tips enables it to be fast, yet it is also one of the most economical commercial airplanes in its class. The 787 is Boeing’s first composite aircraft. The Boeing 787 is made up of 50% composites by weight, and by 80% volume. The remaining parts are made up of 20% aluminum, 15% titanium, 10% steel, and 5% other materials. The use of composite materials in the 787 has resulted in a significant reduction in weight, which in turn has led to increased fuel efficiency. Composite materials are made from two or more different materials with different physical and chemical properties, which when combined, are stronger than the elements alone.

The Boeing 737

The 737 has enjoyed long-term success by introducing several innovative design changes. The 737 was Boeing’s first aircraft to place the engines under the wing, while also creating a wider cabin. The 737 boasts over 16,000 orders to date, trailing only behind the Cessna 172, and the DC-3 in sales. Having already produced 11,615 737s, as of November 2023, since its inception in 1966, Boeing is poised to continue strong sales, with a few thousand in the order pipeline.

The Boeing 747 Jumbo

Although not as much of a big seller, the Boeing 747 is one of the most recognizable and iconic passenger liners. With 1,574 built, the 747, or ‘Jumbo’ carried twice the number of passengers as the next largest commercial plane at the time. The Jumbo was ordered by many world-leading airlines for long-haul, high-volume flights. It had a 54-year production run that began in 1967, with the last one being delivered to Atlas Air on January 31st, 2023.

Airbus A320

Airbus: A European Collaboration

Founded in 1970, Airbus was a consortium by the Germans and French, later joined by the UK and Spain. Airbus has won a convincing portion of market share and boasts some impressive production figures and sales.

The Airbus A320 Family

The Airbus A320 is the best-selling single-aisle airplane in the world. Total orders equate to 17,921, with 11,182 being delivered, which is well over the 737 total order figures. The A320ceo has 8,120 orders to date, while the quieter, but heavier, A320neo has a slightly larger volume at 9,801 orders. The A321neo has also enjoyed strong sales with 5,613 orders. Finally, the A319, with its shortened fuselage, has surpassed the 1,000 order mark with 1,486 orders. The A320 family has proven itself with a strong worldwide demand.

The Airbus A380

Perhaps one of the most iconic commercial airplanes, the A380 is instantly recognizable with its full double-deck, boasting a large seating capacity. The A380 hasn’t enjoyed the same level of popularity, with only 251 orders, from which 123 were delivered to Emirates Airlines in Dubai, and has since been discontinued, with the final one being delivered in December of 2021, to the said airline. Even though many airlines discontinued the operation and use of the A380 following the worldwide pandemic, the A380 continues to appear as the flagship set of wings for many airlines today. Some airlines even reactivated their A380s, even though the cost to operate the four-engine monster of an aircraft had difficulty competing with the 777’s twin-engine, wide body aircraft’s lower operational costs.

Textron Aviation, Cessna

Cessna: The Most Popular Aircraft Manufacturer In The World

Owned by Textron Aviation, Cessna is well known for producing many single-engine prop planes and jets. Their top seller is no doubt the single-engine Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Having first flown in 1955, the 172 boasts over 45,000 orders worldwide. The 172 continues to enjoy strong sales, with some being used for commercial purposes. The Cessna is the airplane of choice for many pilots when they first learn how to fly. To this day, it is still the most produced aircraft in the history of aviation.

The Cessna Citation family of business jets has also enjoyed robust sales, with 8,000 being delivered worldwide since its first model took flight in 1969. These are widely used for business travel and offer a quick and luxurious commute between city centers.

Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation: A Major Aeronautics Player

Dassault is a major aircraft manufacturer of both business jets and military aircraft. In the commercial arena, they produced 705 Falcon aircraft between 2011 and 2018. Their most recent business jet is the Falcon 6X, which sets a new standard when it comes to widebody business jet comfort. Since 1965, Dassault has delivered almost 2,600 Falcons, with over 2,200 still in service, in more than 90 countries. Dassault delivered 35 Falcon jets in 2023, with 32 deliveries in 2022. In 2022, the company announced their plans to build a Falcon MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) facility at Melbourne Orlando International Airport. The massive 57-foot tall building boasts 228,568 square feet and will also have a 49-foot tall paint hangar, with an impressive 52,222 square feet. With plans to open by the middle of 2025, this MRO will be able to service up to 18 Falcon jets simultaneously. Apart from business jets, Dassault is also known for its capable range of fighter jets. The Mirage (I, II, III, 5, and 50), are still in service and are used by the Pakistani Air Force. The Mirage class has some terrific numbers as well, with 1,422 being built for I, II, and III models, combined. The Mirage IV, however, was a VTOL fighter aircraft. Only 2 were built for the French Air Force from 1965-1966. The Mirage 5 has 582 productions to date, with the Mirage 50 taking its place in the class in the 1970s. The Mirage class also has many other models that are still in service and used today by countries’ air forces all around the world. The Rafale, which are still being produced, are actively in service by the French Air and Space Force and the French Navy, with 259 being produced, as of 2023.

Gulfstream Aerospace

Gulfstream is well known for its G series of long-range business jets. The G-Series is known for its luxurious interiors, and are popular among celebrities, with Elon Musk owning a Gulfstream G650. To date, Gulfstream has manufactured more than 2,000 aircraft for customers since 1958.

Beechcraft Aircraft

Beechcraft Aircraft

As a part of Textron Aviation, Beechcraft’s iconic Bonanza, King Air turboprop and Baron G58 have all enjoyed wide popularity. To date, more than 17,000 Bonanzas have been manufactured. The King Air also boasts impressive figures, with 7,820 King Airs being produced. The Baron G58 is slightly behind the total production numbers of the King Air, with 6,691 being built. Beechcraft’s turboprops enjoy impressive fuel economy and are designed for shorter, regional routes.

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