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Permagarding a porsche 911.
Automotive // May 14, 2024

The Truth About Paint Protection Film (PPF) And Why Permagard May Be a Better Solution To Protect Your Paint

This article will cover some of the disadvantages of paint protection film and why it may not be the best option to protect your car’s original…

Mercedes benz aircraft paint protection
Automotive // March 26, 2024

Permagard Automotive Paint Protection & Mercedes-Benz Automotriz Hermer: 14-Year Collaboration in Mexico City

The Power of Automotive Paint Protection In Mexico City, a powerful collaboration has thrived for over 14 years. Permagard Automotive and Mercedes-Benz Automotriz Hermer, Mexico’s largest…

Permagard Automotive Paint Protection - Oscar Cardenas
Automotive // March 12, 2024

Permagard Automotive Spotlight: Oscar Cardenas from European Collision Center

Oscar Cardenas: Mastering Collision Repair and Automotive Paint Protection Oscar Cardenas is as experienced as they come. He started as a simple body shop cleaner 16…

automotive paint protection
Automotive // January 25, 2024

Why Automotive Paint Protection Is A Must-Have For Your Vehicle

Your car’s paintwork is constantly under attack from environmental hazards on the road. If you want to preserve your vehicle’s original paint specifications and resale value,…

premium auto detailing products
Automotive // December 07, 2023

Why High-End Cars Deserve Premium Auto Detailing Products

Purchasing an exotic or high-end car is an expensive investment, so making sure your asset is kept in the best possible condition is crucial. Premium detailing…

ceramic coating
Automotive // November 09, 2023

Permagard vs Ceramic Coating

This article will compare ceramic coatings and Permagard in detail and showcase why Permagard is the better option for your paint protection needs. Permagard Facts The…