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Get The Best Yacht Paint Protection With Permagard

Founder Luc Lefebvre d’Argencé began Permagarding yachts from the Benetti shipyards in Livorno, Italy, through the French Riviera, all the way to Palma di Mallorca in Spain, over 25 years ago. Just like our aviation history, our marine roots run deep in Permagard. With a product that can bring the most exceptional protection and shine for all painted and gel coat surfaces, let us tell you why Permagard is the best solution for your yacht paint protection needs.

Our company is also ISO-9001 certified, meaning all our USA-made products adhere to the strict standards set by the Quality Management System. This is imperative for us to bring you the most outstanding product quality with zero defects. Boats and yachts encounter harsh environments all over the world, so having a high-quality paint protection product is vital to protecting your asset’s appearance.

How Does Permagard Work?

Permagard is an advanced Reactive Polymer coating designed to be applied directly on top of painted surfaces and gel coat surfaces. Permagard is the only marine paint protection product that can protected 100% of your clear coat, base coat, and gel coat, that is also approved by Viking Yachts. Once Permagard has been applied to your yacht, you will be able to enjoy the countless benefits of a Permagarded vessel. Exceptional protection, lustrous shine, and breezy maintenance are the 3 key factors that separates Permagard from our competitors.


Our advanced Reactive Polymer coating utilizes a chemical bonding process known as cross-linking. This results in a strongly linked chain of ionic bonds on the treated surface, producing a sacrificial layer of 4 microns of flexible thickness to provide durable protection and shine for your yacht. Some of the many environmental factors that Permagard protects against include, UV rays, acid rain, engine exhaust, salt laden air and water, extreme temperatures, corrosion, grease, solvents, sand, and barnacles, among others.

Remarkable Shine

Not only will your vessel be protected against the forces of the harsh sea, but so will its appearance. Permagard greatly enhances and vivifies all painted surfaces it bonds to. Once treated by a certified installer, Permagard renders your yacht a rich and deep gloss, producing a bright, vivid shine. Protecting 100% of your boat or yacht’s clear coat is what gives Permagard the depth of gloss and shine that you cannot find with any other marine product. Your yacht will assuredly turn heads at the shipyard when being launched into the bay with regular gloss readings in the mid to high 90s, when it’s protected with Permagard.

Key Benefits To Our Yacht Paint Protection

Permagard has been protecting yachts all around the world for more than 25 years. Our exceptional line of high-quality, USA-made products are meticulously manufactured to provide the best experience for customers and applicators across the globe. Protecting your yacht or boat is just as important to us as it is to you.

Here are a few key benefits of protecting your vessel with Permagard:

  • Initial Application: With a process that can be learned in as little as two hours, the initial application process was designed to provide the most streamlined experience for protecting your vessel with Permagard. Once the vessel has been treated, there is no downtime for curing as Permagard will cure on its own for the next 24 hours. As soon as the initial application is completed, the yacht can be launched.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: With our advanced Reactive Polymer technology, no other competitor offers the best paint protection in the marine industry.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Permagard is committed to environmental responsibility. Our products were designed to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic, ensuring complete safety for the environment and applicators worldwide.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: When you choose Permagard for your yacht paint protection needs, you will save thousands of dollars on maintenance routines, paint repair, gel coat repair, and washes.
  • Easy Application: Our products were designed for ease of use, making the application process simple and efficient. Anyone with boat polishing experience can learn how to apply Permagard.
  • Endorsed by Professionals: Permagard is the preferred choice of professional marinersand yacht owners worldwide. With approval from Viking Yachts, we maintain consistent quality and performance for every single customer.

Yacht Paint Protection

Simple Maintenance

At Permagard, we understand how laborious and taxing yacht/boat maintenance can be. Hours upon hours can be spent washing, waxing, and caring for your vessel. We wanted to make sure that caring for your yacht’s vital appearance was a simple and convenient process.​​​​​​

Yacht Paint Protection

Our high-quality maintenance products were designed to streamline the wash process for your yacht, so that you can spend less time on tedious maintenance processes.​​​​​​

  • Easy Washing: Our Reactive Polymer doesn’t contain any wax or silica, so there’s no requirement for strict washing protocols. Simply follow your regular wash routine, using Permagard Shampoo for wet washes. Our Reactive Polymer also creates a great slickness on the surface of your paint, so simply using water is also effective at washing treated surfaces.
  • One Stop Shop: When it comes to the maintenance process for your yacht, say goodbye to countless maintenance products and tedious processes to keep your vessel looking and performing its best. Permagard utilizes only 3 products to help maintain your vessel’s interior and exterior: Permagard Shampoo for deep cleaning of the hull to remove grime, Cleaner for Treated Surfaces for spot cleaning on painted surfaces treated with Reactive Polymer, and Multipurpose Cleaner for vessel wipe-downs.

We’re here to ensure that your maintenance routine is a simple and sensible process, so that you can spend less time maintaining your investment, and more time on the open seas enjoying the stunning appearance of your yacht, protected with Permagard.

Service Treatment

When it comes time for refreshing your Reactive Polymer coating, our Service Treatment is there to fill in micro-scratches caused from usage as well as restoring slickness and gloss that may have been impacted by environmental factors. Service Treatments should be done every 12-18 months to practice proper maintenance of your Reactive Polymer coating to achieve the best performance results.

Yacht Paint Protection

yacht Paint Protection

Why We Stand Out From The Competition

Permagard prides itself on the ease of application for all our products as well as our sensible maintenance processes. It’s important to us to make applying our products as simple as possible for our applicators around the world to give the best experience possible for our customers and yacht owners. Permagard doesn’t require numerous top coats, countless maintenance products, or long cure times, for it to be effective. That’s what sets us apart from our competitors.​​​​​​

All Permagard products are non-toxic and are manufactured at our headquarters in Miami, Florida, to have a shelf life of 18 months from the manufacture date. Permagard regularly drop-ships anywhere around the world, using all available ground and air freight options.​​​​​​

Protect Your Marine Vessel With Permagard

No one knows the marine industry better than us. With the costs of paint repair on yachts, it is imperative to permanently protect your investment. Permagard provides the most exceptional form of marine paint protection in the industry. When you choose Permagard, you’re choosing permanence, protection, and performance.​​​​​​

It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand. Call our Miami headquarters today at 305.662.5070 or provide us with your contact details to experience the beauty of Permagard.​​​​​

Yacht Paint Protection