Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permagard?

Permagard is a reactive polymer coating that bonds to the pores of the paintwork to seal and protect the surface. As the treated surface cures, the plasticized molecules elongate, interlocking with each other, resulting in a U.V. resistant, hydrophobic, high gloss bonded protective coating. Permagard is not a wax, and does not create repaint issues.

Why Utilize Permagard?

The Permagard concept is based upon the idea that “prevention is better than a cure”. It is more cost effective, quicker and easier to repair and maintain the Permagard coating than the surfaces of the highly-valued asset that it protects. Utilization of the Permagard protection system removes the need for continued compounding of the asset, prolonging the lifespan of its painted surfaces.

How is Permagard Applied?

Permagard is applied using a random orbital buffer and high quality accessories to ensure quicker, swirl free results. This application method is superior to spray on or wipe on applications, as it creates a more effective bond with the paint’s pores.

How Often is Permagard Applied? How Long Does Permagard Last?

Permagard is applied once. This is called the initial application. Permagard certified applicators offer a maintenance program of annual service treatments. These service treatments consist of a deep cleaning and conditioning of the coating, as well as initial application on any freshly painted areas. Customers that opt in for this maintenance program are eligible for a five year warranty on the coating. Permagard currently has assets in our maintenance program that have been serviced for over twenty years.

How Does Permagard Effect Regular Maintenance of My Asset?

Permagard is hydrophobic and extremely slick. This makes cleaning the coated surface much easier and removes the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and waxing. This results in reduced maintenance costs and down time. The majority of washes will be completed with clean water, with occasional use of a mild soap. Permagard also offers a dry wash cleaner that is compatible with the coating.

Does Permagard Effect Painting of My Asset?

Permagard was designed to work hand in hand with the paint process. It does not interfere with the curing process, and can be applied on a surface as soon as the paint is dry to touch. Permagard causes no re-paint issues and has been used successfully by painters, OEM’s, and MRO facilities for over twenty years.