Permagard: Top Of The Class In The Online Training Space

Permagard: Top Of The Class In The Online Training Space

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Our Training Philosophy for Certified Applicators

At Permagard, we pride ourselves on providing the best training experience possible for our certified applicators. Permagard has been training qualified installers for over 26 years around the world, and we could not be happier with how many great Permagardians there are today in many different countries. On-site trainings are excellent for providing hands-on experience with Permagard instructors on how to properly apply all of Permagard’s products. From Dassault to Gulfstream, we have traveled to some of the top aviation OEM facilities in the world to provide them a great training experience on how to apply Permagard.

When the pandemic happened in 2020, we knew we had to offer another option to continue training and certifying future installers around the world. And since then, our online training sessions have become the primary option for all Permagard applicators. This charge has been lead by our Lead Applicator and Permagard Instructor, Joseph Stewart. Joseph’s experience with training Permagardians has grown extensively since we started offering our online training option. From training a reputable European OEM in the morning to a west coast MRO in the afternoon, all in the span of just one day. That’s the flexibility and convenience that our online training sessions can offer to our customers.

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Advantages of On-Site Training

Providing Permagard on-site trainings will always be a great option for future certified applicators installers of Permagard. One of the best benefits of an on-site training is that the training can take place during the application of Permagard on an aircraft. Joseph has provided this experience many different times around the country, and many customers opt for this option to arm their teams with first-hand experience on applying Permagard to an asset. However, this option is more costly and requires more extensive scheduling. One of the best benefits of our online training sessions is that Joseph can teach a team of detailers on how to apply all of Permagard’s products in as little as two hours. This provides a more cost-effective and time-convenient option for future customers that want to learn how to use Permagard in the easiest way possible for everyone.

Joe training certified applicators on a plane

Contact Permagard Headquarters for Certified Applicator Training

We continue to keep up to date on all of the knowledge and technology in the digital space in a post-Covid world to continue to provide the best online training sessions possible to all of our customers. Providing options on how to learn to apply Permagard is imperative for us and our business. Flexibility provides value for all of our customers, and we will continue to offer both of these options indefinitely.

If you are interested in learning more about Permagard or want to get certified yourself with one of our training options, give our Permagard Headquarters a call today at 305-662-5070 for more information. Whether it’s in person or on camera, you can experience the Permagard difference. It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand!

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