The Fleet of PERMAGARD

The Fleet of PERMAGARD

Permagard fleet.

Trusted with aviation professionals worldwide, PERMAGARD holds the reputation of premier paint protector. Our most recent PERMAGARD Aviation Application was with Redhead Equipment located in Saskatoon Canada. The pictures speak for themselves as all aircraft shown have the PERMAGARD difference and clearly shine above the average fleet.

Don’t take our word for it,read what Redhead Equipment had to say regarding their experience with PERMAGARD and their fleet of corporate aircraft.

“Our corporate flight department was first introduced to Permagard when we had our Cessna Caravan on amphibious floats re-painted. The floats usually would come back from the lake with a dark brown water line on them. Since having Permagard applied, we no longer get that line or it is very light and easily cleans off. We upgraded the floats and immediately put Permagard on the new floats.

We have since had Permagard applied to our King Air 250 and Cessna Sovereign+ along with yearly maintenance treatments. It makes cleaning the aircraft much easier including removing bird droppings, bugs, and dust.

We have been so happy with the product, we are now going to coat the floats on our 1958 deHavilland Beaver. I cannot overemphasize how great this product is. It has saved us a lot of time and effort in cleaning, maintains the paint, and the aircraft sparkles on the ramp”.

Chris Hiles

Redhead Equipment

From sparkling on the ramp to effortless maintenance and unparalleled paint protection, PERMAGARD is the quality that ensures longevity to your aircraft’s exterior.

The PERMAGARD difference is an investment your aircraft deserves.