Why High-End Cars Deserve Premium Auto Detailing Products

Why High-End Cars Deserve Premium Auto Detailing Products

premium auto detailing products

Purchasing an exotic or high-end car is an expensive investment, so making sure your asset is kept in the best possible condition is crucial. Premium detailing products are key to keeping your car protected from the elements, clean at all times, and looking its absolute best.

The Dirty Truth

Dirt can build up on painted surfaces and cause micro-scratches, which over time, can severely degrade your paint if a protective coating hasn’t been applied. When combined with rain water, dirt acts as an abrasive that can cause damage to your vehicle’s clear coat, if it isn’t properly washed.

Keeping your vehicle clean is imperative to keeping your car’s original paint specifications in the best possible condition. It will save time and money for the future, as the risk of having to repaint is minimized. Washing your car, the right way, with the right products, is a trademark of premium auto detailing.

BMW With permagard polymer paint protection

Keeping The Rust Away

One of the biggest accelerators of rust forming on metal surfaces is salt. In South Florida, the home of our Permagard Headquarters, ocean winds extract small deposits of salt from the sea and carry them across the entire tropical environment. These deposits can attach themselves to the painted surfaces and metal surfaces of your car.

Permagard protects against salt-laden air and water. Treating your vehicle with our high-quality advanced polymer coating is essential for keeping rust from forming on your painted surfaces.

Protecting Your Original Paint Specifications

Properly repainting your car is extremely costly. A windows-out repaint for a Porsche 993 can easily cost you $20,000.

This is why it is so important to protect your vehicle’s original paint with Permagard. Permagard acts as the durable, sacrificial layer between your clear coat and the harsh elements of any environment in the world. Whether it be sand, salt, snow, water, or the sun, Permagard protects your vehicle’s clear coat from it all. Ensuring your vehicle’s original paint specifications remain untouched and untainted, thus increasing the resale value of your asset for the future.

Removing contaminants from a car can be time-consuming and very frustrating. Once Permagard has been applied to your car, any contaminants that can attack the naked clear coat are no longer a concern. The smooth slickness created from treating a painted surface with Permagard results in much easier maintenance for your paint, so you can spend less time and money on various maintenance products and procedures. Permagard also doesn’t require paint correction (compounding) or clay barring before it is applied to a vehicle. This is to keep the clear coat at the maximum thickness, as the first few microns of the clear coat are the most important to protect. This is how Permagard provides its signature depth of shine it’s known for.

Mercedes paint protection

Benefits of a Protective Layer

​​​​​​Applying Permagard effectively seals and protects your car’s clear coat from environmental attacks and hazards. Permagard becomes a durable, sacrificial layer, bearing the brunt of acidic bird droppings, salt deposits, tree sap, oxidation, corrosion, UV rays, among many others, all while adding hydrophobic properties to the treated surfaces, which can aid in drag reduction and ease of cleaning.

Protecting your car or supercar’s paint is incredibly important for protecting the value of your vehicle. With clear coats now being water-based, instead of solvent-based, automotive manufacturers are applying softer, thinner clear coat in production facilities to save on manufacturing costs. Clear coats are not impervious to damage from environmental hazards. They thin down over time and over the years from environmental abuse, which is why it’s imperative to protect your valuable clear coat with Permagard. Protecting 100% of the clear coat is a trademark for Permagard.

Interior Detailing

Protecting your interior surfaces is just as important as protecting your exterior painted surfaces. Whether it be leather, fabric, plastic, or vinyl, Permagard can protect all of these surfaces from accidents that may occur inside the cabin. Coffee stains, water, juices, foods, dust, and UV rays, are just some of the few hazards that interior surfaces can encounter.

With our Leather & Fabric Protector, the beautiful leather surfaces in your supercar will be protected from stains and UV damage. It provides hydrophobic properties to repel liquids from penetrating the pores of the leather, while also vivifying the colors of the surface, making them much darker and richer. UV damage is the biggest cause of drying and cracking in leather surfaces, but Permagard is effective in protecting against these issues. With our Plastic & Vinyl Protector, UV damage and stains also cannot penetrate the pores of these surfaces. Trim constantly gets dirty and quickly ages over time with UV damage. Permagard deeply richens black trim to bring the luster back to even brand-new surfaces. Protecting your interior surfaces is vital and should always be done with premium detailing.


Permagard, The Best In Protecting Your Exterior And Interior Surfaces

Permagard is an advanced Reactive Polymer protective coating. It bonds to the pores of your vehicle’s paint system to provide a durable, sacrificial layer to protect 100% of the integrity of your clear coat and original paint specifications. With our Leather & Fabric Protector, you can also protect the valuable fabric surfaces in your cabin, ensuring maximum protection from stains and UV damage. All while bringing a rich vibrance to their colors and a smooth, silky touch for comfort. With our Plastic & Vinyl Protector, your trim and vinyl will also be protected from stains and UV damage. While also bringing deeper blacks and lustrous contrasts with a soft, smooth surface. If you would like to learn more about how Permagard can protect your car or supercar, call our Permagard Headquarters today at 305-662-5070. It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand!