About Us

#1 High-Performance Protective Coatings Used World-Wide

With over twenty years of experience, PERMAGARD has treated transportation assets worth over thirty-five billion dollars worldwide. Our clientele includes a broad spectrum of transportation vehicles, from privately owned single-engine prop planes to the latest wide-body commercial aircraft, from elegant super-yachts to tournament-winning sport-fishers, and from high-performance sports cars to off-road 4×4’s.

Our high-performance protective coatings are not only environmentally safe but also engineered to enhance and maintain a like-new appearance for the lifetime of the paint for all aircraft, boats, and automobiles. We take pride in our cutting-edge research and development laboratories, which have been leading the industry for over two decades, making PERMAGARD the standard for aviation protective coating solutions. By choosing PERMAGARD, you can trust that your valuable transportation assets will remain stunning and protected for years to come.


The PERMAGARD shine is not just an accident, but rather the result of years of research and testing. Our tough-as-nails protection system provides the stunning glossy appearance that airlines, automotive dealerships, and yacht companies depend on. So, what exactly makes PERMAGARD’s protective coating system so special?

The secret lies in three main processes:


Firstly, our coatings feature an extreme bonding mechanism that forms a permanent bond with the painted or gel-coated surfaces, creating an impenetrable barrier against environmental elements.


Secondly, our stabilizing, gloss-producing curing process ensures that the coating system dries to a hard, glass-like surface that reflects light and creates a highly glossy appearance.


Finally, our protective coatings provide superior corrosion protection and hydrophobic efficiency, ensuring that your assets remain protected against harsh environmental conditions and moisture.

These three processes combine to create the PERMAGARD shine, which is the hallmark of our protective coatings. By choosing PERMAGARD, you can trust that your transportation assets will look their best and remain protected for years to come.

Bonding &

bonding and curing

PERMAGARD coatings contain polar amines, which give them a positive charge. This type of charge is naturally attracted to negatively charged substrates, such as those found in paint. The bond between these opposing charges is incredibly strong, allowing the PERMAGARD coating to penetrate the porous surfaces of the substrate and become an integral part of the painted surface. Through a reaction called hydrolysis, cross-linking occurs, forming a water-repellent polymer coating anchored into the pores of the paint.

It is this molecular relationship that provides PERMAGARD coatings with their unmatched durability and strength. Due to the strength of the bond, our coatings will remain on the substrate for as long as the substrate remains on the surface it was originally applied to. This means that PERMAGARD coatings will never peel or crack off the paint, unlike other brands.

Thanks to this strong bond, our coatings are capable of protecting your transportation assets against harsh environmental conditions and daily wear and tear, while providing an unbeatable glossy appearance. At PERMAGARD, we understand that the appearance of your assets is important, which is why we have designed our coatings to last a lifetime.

Corrosion Protection & Hydrophobic Efficiency

PERMAGARD coatings react to atmospheric moisture, cross-linking to form a continuous resinous film that not only enhances the gloss level of the paint, but also provides superior protection against corrosion. Once the resinous film has bonded to the substrate and cured, it creates a hydrophobic effect that repels water, preventing it from penetrating the coating and causing damage to the underlying surface. This also means that water runs off the coated surface, leaving it clean and free of water spots.

With its advanced technology and scientifically proven formula, PERMAGARD is the smart choice for those seeking the ultimate in protective coatings for their aircraft, boats, and automobiles.