Permagard Automotive Spotlight: Oscar Cardenas from European Collision Center

Permagard Automotive Spotlight: Oscar Cardenas from European Collision Center

Permagard Automotive Paint Protection - Oscar Cardenas

Oscar Cardenas: Mastering Collision Repair and Automotive Paint Protection

Oscar Cardenas is as experienced as they come. He started as a simple body shop cleaner 16 years ago in Long Island, New York. With his mind set on learning the business, Oscar watched his peers from the sidelines over the years to learn all about their craft in collision repair. It was during the 2008 economic crisis when Oscar finally got his opportunity to put everything he had learned into action. With losing many of his co-workers from layoffs, due to the unfortunate crisis, he had to take on a lot more responsibility for the shop very fast. Now that’s jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire! His hands-on approach to the business has resulted in one of the most experienced body shop specialists in the United States, excelling not only in collision repair but also in automotive paint protection techniques.

Today, Oscar manages 30 employees at a large European Collision Center location in Miami, FL. Complete rebuilds (including the classic black 1996 993 Carrera from our Permagard Porsche fleet), classic car restoration, collision and paint repair, and now the offering of Permagard Automotive services, are all within Oscar’s expertise and arsenal. His talent and hard work speaks for itself, and we could not be happier to have someone like Oscar representing the Permagard Automotive brand in our own backyard of Miami.

permagaded Porsche and bmw

Why Choose Permagard for Automotive Paint Protection?

As an aviation-grade product, Permagard is the absolute best option for your detailing department within your existing business. Today, our products have been trusted by renowned OEMs, such as BMW, Honda, Mazda, and Mitsubishi. Unlike other competitive products, the quality of our products have been incredibly consistent since the founding of Permagard over 25 years ago. When you choose Permagard for your automotive paint protection needs, you’re choosing a brand that you can trust and rely on.

Permagard’s products are proudly manufactured under the ISO-9001 QMS (Quality Management System). It is essential for our business to adhere to the strict standards set by the ISO-9001 system. It is to ensure that you will always receive USA-made, high-quality products, with zero defects and delays, to give your customers the best results for their paint protection needs. Anyone with basic automotive polishing experience can learn how to apply all Permagard products in as little as two hours. Our training process is meticulous and thorough to make sure you have full knowledge on how to properly apply our products to enhance your detailing business.

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction with Permagard

Integrating Permagard into your body shop can help your bottom line. A great time to do this would be after the completion of paint repair jobs. Adding Permagard as a package on the backend of a paint repair estimate adds value to the repair and encourages the owner to be more mindful about protecting their brand new paint. Permagarding older painted panels can also help match the original paint’s look. Also, implementing a Service Treatment maintenance program for these customers will bring repeat business over a period of five years.

With modern cars becoming more sophisticated, such as automatic braking systems, radars, and cameras to help reduce the number of accidents, less vehicles are being submitted to body shops for substantial repairs. Smaller repairs require less time for billable hours and adding Permagard to the process fits right in with adding value to your billable tasks. After a vehicle has undergone dent and paint repair where needed, Permagard can be applied immediately. The convenience for applying Permagard as soon as the paint is dry to touch can result in more satisfied repeat customers. Having Permagard applied to customers’ vehicles after their repairs are completed, can be done quickly and efficiently, without compromising the new clear coat from the repairs.

repainted porsche 911 993

Choosing Permagard for Your Detailing Business

One thing to keep in mind with Permagard is the ease of application for all of our products. Competitive products require wet sanding, compounding, and aggressive cutting techniques that thin down newly painted surfaces. The beauty of Permagard is none of these tedious processes are required to apply it. Permagard can be applied to any painted surface, whether it’s brand new or 20 years old. Choose Permagard today if you want peace of mind, quality products, and the opportunity to take your detailing business to the next level. If you would like to learn more about how Permagard can enhance your detailing business, call our Permagard Headquarters office today at 305-662-5070, for more information. It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand!