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Permagard Aerospace coating, approved by Textron Aviation for all brands and models, offers exceptional protection. To better serve Textron customers operating Cessna, Beechcraft, and Hawker fixed-wing aircraft, we’ve created a dedicated portal. At Permagard, we take pride in supporting Textron small airplane owners, providing them with easy access to our high-quality Permagard Aviation Coatings. Our specially designed (Do It Yourself) DIY kits come complete with training and tutorial support, ensuring airplane owners can confidently apply our products. Experience the best application and protection with Permagard.


What is Permagard?

Permagard is a revolutionary reactive polymer coating that provides exceptional protection for your paintwork. Unlike traditional waxes, Permagard chemically bonds to the pores of the surface, creating a seal that shields against damage. As the treated surface cures, the plasticized molecules elongate and interlock, forming a robust and durable protective coating. With Permagard, you can enjoy a long-lasting high gloss finish without worrying about repaint issues. Discover the superior protection of Permagard today.

Permagard Aerospace Coating

Permagard Aerospace Coating offers a superior solution for durable and visually stunning external surface protection. Our advanced formula creates a wet look effect, enhancing the exclusivity of your aircraft and brand.

With Permagard, colors become vibrant and intense, maximizing the pigmentation and contrast of the paint. The slickness of the coating eliminates the need for frequent washes, saving you time and money. Instead, simple wipe downs are all that’s needed to maintain the aircraft’s appearance.

Not only does Permagard provide a clean and glossy finish, but it also seals and protects all painted external surfaces, including wings and stabilizers. This ensures optimal aerodynamic performance and prevents degradation over time.

Experience the industry-standard of Performance durable wet look and deep gloss that communicates the superior image of your aircraft and brand.

Live Online

Discover the convenience of live online training for applying Permagard Aerospace Coating. Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) kits are exclusively available for planes weighing less than 3000 lbs (1361kg). These kits include detailed written instructions and tutorial videos in English, ensuring a smooth application process.

For aircraft weighing over 3001 lbs (1361kg), we recommend having them treated by our certified installers. These professionals have received specialized training from us on the precise application techniques required for optimal results.

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