Marine Paint Protection: Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless Permagard Treatment

Marine Paint Protection: Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless Permagard Treatment

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Importance of Marine Paint Protection

Our local Permagard team recently completed a Service Treatment application on this gorgeous 2016 Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless. The owner immediately sought out an initial application of our Reactive Polymer upon purchasing the boat, and our team went to work to bring it back to life after many days in the rough South Beach sea of Miami. Marine paint protection is paramount for preserving your boat’s appearance and integrity. Permagarding your boat or yacht upon purchase is important in order to protect your newly acquired asset. Salt-laden air and water are huge environmental factors for any maritime vehicle, and it is important to protect your boat’s gelcoat and paint from these hazards.

applying permagard to a boats paint

Application Process for Permagard Treatment

After our team thoroughly washed the boat and made sure it was clean, we applied our Treatment for Very Damaged Surfaces and Reactive Polymer to the engines of the boat. Our Service Treatment was then applied to all of the painted surfaces to lock in the beautiful luster that was brought back to life. The cool teal accents on this boat shined in the hard South Beach sun, reflecting the terrific gloss from the Service Treatment. This boat has been protected from salt-laden air and water, barnacles, harsh UV rays from the Miami sun, and corrosion. Permagarding your marine asset is essential for protecting your paint and gelcoat as corrosion can build up on unprotected painted surfaces, leading to potentially expensive gelcoat repairs and rapid loss of gloss. Take a close look at our photos and notice that this boat, which is 8 years old, is in much better condition than the day it was originally delivered to the customer in 2016. After eight years of use for deep-sea fishing in South Florida, 100% of the original gel coat has been protected for life, thanks to Permagard Marine.

Discover More About Permagard Marine Protection

We had a wonderful time treating this customer’s Boston Whaler and we love seeing every boat shine in the Miami waters with Permagard. Permagard offers the best marine paint protection for your yacht or boat’s painted surfaces. Our Teak Protector and Plastic & Vinyl Protector are also terrific products to protect valuable teak and vinyl surfaces in the interior. Once your boat has been protected with Permagard, your routine washes will be a worry of the past. If you would like to learn more about how Permagard can protect your yacht or boat, give our Permagard headquarters a call today at 306-662-5070 to learn more about the best, non-invasive form of marine paint protection. It’s time to shine and see yourself in the beautiful sea!