Reasons To Invest In Yacht Detailing

Reasons To Invest In Yacht Detailing

yacht detailing

If you own a yacht, you have to be prepared for the harsh environment attacks your vessel will encounter. Whether it’s the Florida sun, salt-laden air and water, barnacles, or algae, yacht detailing is an important step to preserving the integrity of your vessel.

What Is Yacht Detailing?

Yacht detailing is the process of thoroughly washing and cleaning all components on the vessel, polishing the painted surfaces to restore them from oxidation and corrosion, and then applying a durable paint protection, such as Permagard, to protect the painted or gel coat surfaces. Using the Permagard Teak Protector or the Permagard Plastic & Vinyl Protector are also extremely effective solutions for protecting all teak, plastic, and vinyl surfaces on your yacht or boat, to provide the same level of protection from the elements of the sea.

yacht detailing

Steps To Take In Yacht Detailing

Wash Everything

The fundamental start to any yacht detailing process is to clean all of the exterior surfaces on the vessel. Paint, teak, plastic, vinyl, metal, and glass, should all be thoroughly cleaned and prepped to be protected from the harshness of the salty sea.​​​​​​

Interior and Cabin Detailing

  • Deep Clean: Yachts and boats have many small hard-to-reach surfaces that accumulate salt and grime over time from usage. Thoroughly cleaning these areas is essential for providing the best long-term results for your vessel’s appearance.
  • Polish: Polishing the painted surfaces and metal surfaces on your yacht is a must when detailing your asset. Meticulously polishing the painted surfaces is incredibly important to prep the surface to have paint protection applied. Any paint or gel coat oxidation should also be addressed during this step as well. Polishing all of the metal surfaces is also crucial, as heavy salt builds up on these surfaces over time and can lead them to stain, which can lead to corrosion, thus resulting in the destruction of these important components on all boats and yachts.

Apply Protection

After every surface has been thoroughly cleaned and polished, a durable form of protection, such as Permagard, should be applied. Permagard can be applied to the painted surfaces to protect them from salt-laden air and water, as well as UV rays from the sun, while also providing a smooth slickness to the treated surfaces, which will help tremendously in future washing tasks. Teak Protector can be used to provide the same benefits that Permagard does for your paint. Teak surfaces on yachts wear down over time from frequent washes and expose the grain of the wood and the seals. Replacing a teak wood deck is extremely expensive and takes a lot of time, which means your yacht can’t be used during the repair process. Permagard Teak Protector helps reduce the wearing effect that frequent washes have on these delicate surfaces by forming a layer of acrylic polymer on the top surfaces of the wood. This renders an extremely soft touch to your bare feet, while hardening the top surface of the teak. The slick effect also makes cleaning your teak easier. Do not forget the plastic and vinyl surfaces as well. Plastic & Vinyl Protector also provides the same benefits that Permagard does. Vinyl surfaces on boats suffer some of the harshest attacks during operation, as salt water and air are always beating up on the these surfaces. Protecting them is just as crucial as protecting your teak surfaces and painted surfaces.

Reasons to Invest in Yacht Detailing

Preserve Aesthetics To Increase Resale Value

By having your yacht regularly detailed by professionals, you ensure it stays in the best condition possible. Naturally, you want your valuable asset to be well taken care of and as beautiful as the day you purchased it. If the day ever comes that you choose to sell your yacht or boat, if it’s been protected by Permagard, you are more likely to sell it at a higher price than when you purchased it, regardless of age. Permagard can make every vessel shine with the sparkly sea waters and provide a durable depth of gloss that protects 100% of the paint or gel coat of your vessel.

Prevent Corrosion and Rust

If regular professional yacht detailing is not done on your asset, you leave it exposed to harsh weather and sea conditions, as well as UV damage. If you ignore these unforgiving environmental hazards, the longer you leave it on the water without treatment, corrosion and rust will occur from oxidation and salt water. This is why it is so important to protect your painted surfaces with Permagard. Permagard acts as a sacrificial durable layer that is the first line of defense between your yacht or boat’s surfaces and the environment of the sea.

Enhance Appearance

Operating a vessel protected with Permagard is a true delight and should be enjoyed by all yacht owners to provide the best possible experience for themselves and their guests onboard.​​​​​​

Why Choose Permagard to Protect Your Yacht?

When it comes to Yacht Protection, we’re the world leaders in the technology for paint protection and gel coat. Our Reactive Polymer protects your asset’s painted surfaces, without compromising gel coat. Ensuring a long-lasting and durable glossy finish that beautifies your painted surfaces and lets them shine with the sun. Our Teak Protector and Plastic & Vinyl Protector will also provide the same protection our Reactive Polymer does to give all of your yacht’s valuable surfaces the best treatment they deserve to protect them from the harsh environmental elements of the sea.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Permagard can protect your yacht or boat, give us a call today at 305-662-5070. Protect your vessel today and don’t wait any longer. It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand!