Permagard’s Aircraft Paint Protection Now Shields the Kodiak 100 3.0

Permagard’s Aircraft Paint Protection Now Shields the Kodiak 100 3.0

Kodiak plane receives permagard aircraft paint protection

Remarkable Synergy

Michael Cooper has done it again. He recently Permagarded another Daher Kodiak 100, granting it an initial application and welcoming it to the Permagard family. This is another prime example of the efficacy and beauty that can only be accomplished with a quality product, such as our Permagard Reactive Polymer, and quality detailing from an experienced aircraft detailer, such as Michael.

Kodiak plane receives aircraft paint protection
reactive polymer aircraft paint protection

Permagard’s Excellence in Aircraft Paint Protection

This 8 year old aircraft, with original paint, was in dull condition and required a good amount of light compounding with our Abrasive 3000 – 4000 (AV309), before being prepped with our Treatment for Very Damaged Surfaces (AV303), to polish the surface to the best state possible, and then followed up with our signature, Reactive Polymer (AV308), to lock in and protect the luster that was brought back to life. It is imperative to note that our Reactive Polymer protects the specifications of an aircraft’s original paint, ensuring that no harm comes to any paint job on any aircraft during the application process. Permagard is the only aircraft paint protection coating that not only safely protects the original paint, but also your clear coat, providing maximum protection and shining beauty like no one else. Permagard is proud to protect this beautiful aircraft, among others, in this wonderful industry. Proudly standing by the standards we set in place 25 years ago, whether through our products or our experienced hard-working applicators across the world, we love seeing the aerospace shine like the sun, one aircraft at a time.

We love showcasing what Permagard can do. By assisting our applicators to help grow their business, we can bring the elegance of Permagard to one aircraft after another, resulting in countless satisfied customers, all through word of mouth from detailers to aircraft owners worldwide. If you want the best performance and appearance of any coating in the aviation industry, our advanced polymer coating will provide you with the results you’ve been searching for. With groundbreaking chemical engineering technology, our ISO-9001 Quality Management System, and approvals from some of the largest OEMs and MROs in the world, you can experience the most exceptional, quality driven, aircraft paint protection on the market. It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand.

Permagards Reactive Polymer aircraft paint protection