Permagard’s Advanced Protective Coatings Transform Kodiak 100 Aircraft

Permagard’s Advanced Protective Coatings Transform Kodiak 100 Aircraft

Kodiak plane with Permagard

Exploring the Benefits of Advanced Protective Coatings in Aviation

Michael Cooper, who operates as Dirty Bird Detailing in Idaho, has skillfully applied Permagard’s advanced protective coatings to two distinct Daher Kodiak 100 aircraft. Among these, a captivating blue and a vibrant red, showcases Permagard’s transformative capabilities, radiating an understated elegance.

The collaboration between Permagard’s protective coatings and meticulous detailing has resulted in a strategic fusion that enhances not only the aircraft’s aesthetics but also its longevity and ease of maintenance.

Permagard serves as a standard in aerospace coatings, offering protective solutions for interior and exterior surfaces. Our products create a distinct wet-look effect, enhancing appearances while delivering practical benefits. With Permagard, assets’ painted surfaces enjoy a prolonged lifespan, reduced maintenance costs, and an elevated brand image. This sophisticated reactive polymer technology provides lasting protection against fading and oxidation, preserving paint brilliance. Michael Cooper’s expertise in installing Permagard and Permagard’s innovation highlight the product’s transformative power, ensuring enduring beauty and protection for aviation assets.

Kodiak 100 Aircrafts with Permagard