What is Permagard?

Permagard – The Advanced Polymer Coating Professionals

Permagard is a curious name. We often get asked by inquirers: “What is Permagard?”, “Is it a wax?” or “Is it a ceramic coating?” Permagard is an advanced reactive polymer coating designed to protect 100% of the clear coat and paint of your asset, whether it be a car, boat, or aircraft. Let us tell you why it’s time for you to shine.

Aircraft Paint Protection

What is Permagard?

Permagard is an advanced Reactive Polymer protective coating. Permagard is the only paint protection solution that can protect 100% of your clear coat and paint from environmental attacks, while providing a depth of shine that cannot be replicated by competitive products. It is the wet-look effect on treated surfaces that makes Permagard outshine the rest.

How Permagard Works

Permagard’s Reactive Polymer utilizes a chemical process called cross-linking. As the formula bonds to the paint’s molecular structure and fills in its pore, it creates a strongly linked chain of ionic bonds on the treated surface. This provides a durable, non-invasive, sacrificial layer to protect the integrity of your paint’s original specifications. Permagard can protect against many environmental factors, including corrosion, oxidation, bird droppings, tree sap, salt laden air and water, acid rain, road grime, anti-icing and deicing chemicals, runway grime, barnacles, and many other attacks that consumers can face in their aircraft, car, or boat.

Aircraft Paint Protection

Aircraft Paint Protection

Permagard’s History

Founded by Luc Lefebvre d’Argencé in 1998, Permagard has been a staple for protecting aircraft, cars, and yachts around the world for more than 25 years. Today, Permagard is still owned and operated by Luc to ensure the integrity and quality of our products and business relationships.

Benefits of Permagard

Acts as a Sacrificial Layer

Once cured, Permagard produces 4 microns of flexible thickness when applied to a painted surface. This acts as a sacrificial layer to protect 100% of the integrity of your clear coat, thus protecting your paint. The first few microns of brand new paint are the most important to protect, and with Permagard, protecting that crucial aspect of your paint system is exactly what is has been designed to do.​​​​​​

Easy to Apply

Permagard can be easily applied by anyone with aircraft, car, or yacht polishing experience. The application process can be learned in as little as two hours with our meticulous and easily accessible training program. All of our products were designed to be easily applied, without sacrificing performance and protection.​​​​​​

Convenient Maintenance

With a reasonable maintenance routine that was designed to streamline the process, Permagard saves you continuous maintenance costs and time spent tending to your asset. Permagard doesn’t require countless maintenance products like our competitors. With only a few products required to maintain your Reactive Polymer coating, you can spend more time admiring your asset’s appearance and less time and money maintaining it.

Touch as Smooth as Satin

Once Permagard has bonded to the painted surface it’s treated, it will produce a smooth, silky touch across the entire treated surface. This is one of the many exceptional qualities that Permagard is capable of. Having a smooth and slick surface also reduces the effort required for washing an asset that’s been treated with Permagard.

Aircraft Paint Protection

What Else Can I Use Permagard On?

Permagard was created as an aviation-grade product. Protecting valuable aircraft, supercars, and yachts has been our mission since day one. But Permagard can also be applied to any painted surface. Motorcycles, RVs, personal watercraft, golf carts, or even pianos, can also have Permagard applied to their painted surfaces.

ISO-9001 Certified – Customer Satisfaction

Permagard is ISO-9001 certified and adheres to the strict quality standards set by the Quality Management System (QMS). Customer satisfaction and product quality are both the lifeblood of our business. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality, USA-made products with zero defects, and achieving over 97% on our customer satisfaction surveys consistently over the years. Permagard cares about its quality of products and customers. And this is why we are ISO-9001 certified.

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Aircraft Paint Protection