Permagard’s 25th Anniversary Logo

Permagard’s 25th Anniversary Logo

Permagard Paint Polymer

Permagard has officially been around for a quarter of a century. With the mission of making the worlds of aviation, automotive, and marine a more colorful and lustrous place, we wanted to showcase Permagard’s mission in our new logo. Our new logo stands for many things, so in this article, we will cover what each newly designed letter stands for in Permagard, as well as our new color schemes for our brand and image.

The Significance of Each Letter in “Permagard

Firstly, this letter shows our longstanding love for Porsches, so it has been modeled to resemble the iconic Porsche badge.

This letter resembles the beautiful, clear blue skies on sunny days in Miami. Perfect for a Sunday morning drive on MacArthur Causeway.

This letter resembles the soothing, warm lilac found in many art pieces in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. A true treat for the eyes when strolling through its urban streets.

Our Marine roots. It has been modeled to resemble ropes commonly used on boats and yachts.

Our Aviation roots. It has been modeled to resemble a propeller on a single-engine prop plane.

This letter shows what Permagard is. A knight in shining armor that guards your assets from harm, with its life.

Our Automotive roots. It has been modeled to resemble the twin mufflers found in our Permagard Porsche fleet.

This letter resembles the gorgeous, world-famous orange Miami sunsets. A sight to behold when soaring through the skies over Biscayne Bay in an aircraft.

And finally, this resembles the calming, smooth light turquoise waters surrounding all of Miami. An exquisite experience on your yacht, when cruising the moonlit sea on South Beach.

Miami’s Influence on Permagard’s Color Schemes

As we’re sure our audience and customers have come to notice, we decided Permagard warranted a fresh, new look to celebrate our 25th year anniversary. This article will go into more detail about why we chose these new color schemes, and what they mean to Permagard, as a Miami, Florida-based company. Miami is famous for its vibrancy and Art Deco culture, so we truly wanted to exhibit that for our brand and image.

The Yellow & Orange Sunset Blend

The first scheme we will discuss is the yellow & orange blending that has taken the place of our original yellow. Miami is renowned worldwide for its beautiful sunsets. Whether it’s the breathtaking view from the Everglades, the lustrous shine glowing on Biscayne Bay, or a balcony vista from a luxury penthouse downtown, Miami’s sunsets are vibrant and luxurious. We felt this scheme perfectly exhibited this aspect of Miami.

Miami Vice Inspired: Pink & Blue Blending

Secondly, we thought the blending of pink & blue screamed “This is Miami!”, to its core. Anyone who has heard of Miami undoubtedly has also heard of Miami Vice, who showcased this scheme first. It attached itself to Miamians everywhere, and these colors are still heavily present in Miami’s culture today. The culture of South Beach in the 80s was booming with rich colors, nightlife festivities, and beautiful scenery. From Miami Vice to the Miami Heat, or the Wynwood Art District, everyone loves these colors and it’s forever a staple for our city.

The Serene Yellow, Green & Blue Blend

Lastly, our yellow, green, and blue blending showcases the calming, gorgeous waters surrounding all of Miami. South Beach, Biscayne Bay, Key Biscayne, Treasure Island, Hibiscus Island. All these areas exhibit how beautifully these roaring, turquoise waters contrast with our soft, white beaches. It was imperative for us to bring this to our brand and image since they are beloved by everyone for their rich and calming nature. A true spoil for the eyes and ears. From the sun to the palm trees, to the sea, this scheme speaks perfectly for Miami.

Visit Permagard in Miami

Permagard is proud to be a Miami-based business, and we love the Art Deco culture this city is world-famous for. The wonderful architecture and luscious, tropical environment are why we chose Miami for our headquarters. Our new color schemes showcase our love and commitment to the city, its culture, and its people. Miami is also a world-renowned tourist attraction, so we invite you to come see our beautiful city for yourself and enjoy all the luxuries it has to offer. And while you’re here, come stop by Permagard Headquarters and say hello!