Permagard Automotive Paint Protection & Mercedes-Benz Automotriz Hermer: 14-Year Collaboration in Mexico City

Permagard Automotive Paint Protection & Mercedes-Benz Automotriz Hermer: 14-Year Collaboration in Mexico City

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The Power of Automotive Paint Protection

In Mexico City, a powerful collaboration has thrived for over 14 years. Permagard Automotive and Mercedes-Benz Automotriz Hermer, Mexico’s largest Mercedes-Benz dealer, joined forces to deliver unparalleled results for their customers while fostering a strong business relationship. Joaquin Yturbe and his excellent team of talented professionals are the lifeblood of this partnership. Permagard Mexico started treating aircraft with Permagard over 20 years ago. Leveraging off their success Permagarding private jets and commercial aircraft, Joaquin started to approach the automotive market in Mexico. Joaquin and his team’s dedication to quality hard work led him to eventually sign a contract with Mercedes-Benz Mexico City, offering Permagard Automotive Paint Protection to all of their customers. With the work they’ve all done over the past 14 years, Mexico City’s Mercedes-Benz owners have been able to show off their shining luxury cars for everyone to see. With Joaquin spearheading Permagard Automotive Mexico’s commitment to quality, we can think of no one better to be the foundation of this long-standing partnership. Their shared commitment to quality and customer satisfaction laid the foundation for a successful collaboration. Permagard Automotive has been an industry leader for over 25 years, specializing in paint protection & interior protection. Joaquin and his team’s commitment to excellent customer service aligns seamlessly with Mercedes-Benz Automotriz Hermer’s dedication to delivering excellence in the luxury automotive sector.

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The Legacy of Automotriz Hermer

Automotriz Hermer, as the largest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Mexico, has been long known for providing top-notch vehicles and services. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and passion for delivering luxury vehicles has made them a trusted name in the Mexican automotive landscape. For the past 14 years, the relationship between Permagard Automotive and Automotriz Hermer has yielded remarkable results for their customers in Mexico. Mercedes-Benz owners in Mexico City have benefitted from Permagard Automotives’ state-of-the-art paint protective solutions, ensuring their vehicles retain their showroom shine and pristine condition for the lifetime of the vehicle. Automotriz Hermer’s customers, in turn, have experienced exceptional results when Permagard Automotive is applied to their luxury vehicles. This synergy has not only protected the value of these high-end vehicles but has also reinforced the reputation of Automotriz Hermer as the go-to destination for luxury automotive experiences. Permagard Automotive will continue to protect the lifespan of these vehicles’ painted surfaces to ensure that no harm comes to their original paint specifications.

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Permagard Automotive Solution

Mercedes-Benz customers deserve the very best automotive paint protection and interior protection to preserve their valuable assets. Our Reactive Polymer seals in the showroom shine of the brand new paint to ensure no harm will come to the original factory paint system. Leather seats are a hallmark for the luxurious interiors of Mercedes-Benz, and our Leather & Fabric Protector has been there from day one to also protect those beautiful, soft surfaces. Plastic and vinyl surfaces also complement the cabins of these vehicles, and with our Plastic & Vinyl Protector, these surfaces will stay looking brand new as long as they are well-maintained and cared for. Permagard Automotives’ products will always be there for Automotriz Hermer to protect the lavish looks of these iconic luxury cars. With the help of Joaquin Yturbe and his talented team of professionals, the work they have done will continue to shine on for many more years to come.

The Assurance of Automotive Paint Protection

As Permagard Automotive and Automotriz Hermer celebrate over 14 years of a strong business relationship, they both remain committed to pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence in Mexico City. The enduring partnership between them serves as a testament to what can be achieved through a shared vision, unwavering commitment to quality, and a passion for exceeding customer expectations. In a city where automotive sophistication meets meticulous care, the collaboration between Permagard Automotive and Automotriz Hermer stands as a shining example of what can be accomplished when industry leaders join forces for the benefit of their customers and the automotive community at large. Permagard Automotive is proudly approved by Mercedes-Benz across the world. Because every luxury vehicle needs luxury protection. Contact Permagard Automotive Paint Protection to beautify your Mercedes-Benz today!

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