Elevate Your Sea-Doo Watercraft with Permagard’s Marine Paint Protection

Elevate Your Sea-Doo Watercraft with Permagard’s Marine Paint Protection

Marine paint protection

Expert Treatment by Joseph Stewart at Permagard Headquarters

Permagard Headquarters’ Lead Applicator, Joseph Stewart, recently treated a used Sea-Doo watercraft with our Reactive Polymer and Plastic & Vinyl Protector, delivering exceptional marine paint protection! The Sea-Doo, brought to us by a local satisfied customer who recently had their yacht Permagarded, underwent a transformative process. Joseph utilized our Treatment for Very Damaged Surfaces to prep and polish the painted surfaces before applying our Reactive Polymer to seal in the beautiful finish. The final touch involved applying our Plastic & Vinyl Protector to all plastic surfaces and vinyl seating on the watercraft, providing comprehensive marine paint protection. The remarkable results speak for themselves!

Marine Paint Protection: Preserving Your Watercraft’s Brilliance

Since the watercraft was treated, the customer’s cleaning routine has been much more convenient. Water lines affect all yachts, boats, and watercraft, but with Permagard, your painted surfaces (or plastic surfaces) are protected from this. The slickness produced from our advanced Reactive Polymer coating makes cleaning treated surfaces much easier with simply water. It also vivifies and enhances the contrasts of your painted surfaces to bring a lustrous shine that gleams on the sea! Most yachts, boats, and watercraft have lighter colored paints, such as white, so the hazards and contaminants from the sea are more visible on these types of paints. Permagard excels at keeping these bright colored surfaces shining and clean, while providing an exceptional, smooth slickness that cannot be replicated by any competitive product. Permagard not only protects against those pesky water lines on your boat or watercraft, but it also protects against many other environmental elements. Whether it’s salt water, sand, or sun, you can rest easy knowing that your asset is fully protected with Permagard’s Reactive Polymer and Plastic & Vinyl Protector. Our Plastic & Vinyl Protector offers the same benefits our Reactive Polymer does! It brings deep blacks and great contrasts to your plastic and vinyl surfaces, while providing a smooth and vibrant appearance.

Reignite Your Watercraft’s Life: Contact Permagard Today!

Seeing Permagard applied to a personal watercraft is a unique experience! Joseph has worked on many aircraft, cars, and boats, but this was his first time treating a watercraft. He is also our lead technical trainer here at our Permagard Headquarters! From Gulfstream to Dassault, Joseph has trained some of the largest OEMs and MROs here in the United States. He has many years of training and experience with Permagard and our products, and he truly brought life back to this watercraft! Our Reactive Polymer and Plastic & Vinyl Protector permanently bonds to your painted, plastic, and vinyl surfaces to create a durable and flexible sacrificial layer. This also protects your surfaces from all environmental attacks that would otherwise damage and age your paint, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. And with that protection, comes more vivid colors and deeper contrasts to bring a stunning gloss and slickness like no other. We love seeing the sea shine with the sun, one watercraft at a time. With Permagard, you’re choosing permanence, protection, and performance. If you would like to learn more about what surfaces Permagard can be applied to, contact our Permagard Headquarters today at 305.662.5070! It’s time to shine and see yourself in your brand!