Industry- Aviation

PERMAGARD - the market leader in aviation paint rejuvenation and protection. With the aid of advanced ‘reactive polymer’ technology, we have the most effective and durable aviation paint preservation system available.


Asset Protection

Permagard’s sophisticated Reactive Polymer and UV filtering technology protects aircraft paint against fading and oxidation thereby maintaining the paints original aesthetic brilliance, this in turn will extend and prolong the life of the paint, negating the need for repaints.

Brand Protection & Reduction In Downtime

Permagard’s  unique polymer gloss spectrum ingredients react with the painted surface to produce an incredibly high gloss, low friction permanent coating. This protective coating dramatically reduces cleaning time and costs, by reducing the frequency and ground time required for washes.

Performance Enhancement

Permagard has been proven to reduce parasitic drag on both commerical and business jets, thereby reducing engine cruise power settings, ultimately saving fuel.


The Permagard coating systems are specifically designed and developed to protect all types and aircraft paint from commercial Boeing/Airbus aircraft through to business jet paints subjected to unique variants in operating enviroments and under the harshest of climates.

Permagard coatings have been successfully tested and used on aircraft operating in the freezing temperatures of Norway, extreme heat and enviroment of the Middle East through to the damaging ultraviolet rays of Australia and New Zealand.

The Permagard concept is based on the idea that "prevention is better than cure". It is cheaper and easier to repair and maintain the Permagard coating than that of the high-value object's surface that we seek to protect. Costly repainting of aging aircraft can be prevented simply by removing all oxidised paint using Permagard's revolutionary treatment.

Professionally trained technicians apply Permagard to the painted surfaces of the aircraft. The product bonds and hardens over the surface of the paint, leaving a permanent transparent high gloss barrier between the paint and the environment.

Once Permagarded, the aircraft is totally sealed and protected from the day to day elements that affect and degrade aviation paints. The only maintenance required, is to maintain the integrity of the Permagard coating, leaving the paint protected and undamaged by traditional cutting and polishing methods. Permagard's reactive coating continually protects against constant corrosive attack from runway contaminants, skydrol, salt, pollution, oxidation, and harsh UV light that together cause paint to oxidise and fade.



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